MC250 Continuous miner

Sandvik MC250 is a top-performing continuous miner designed for coal production in narrow heading conditions and place-change situations, as well as for potash mining. It is a compact and highly maneuverable choice for applications where space is limited and high cutting power is needed.​


  • High-pressure water sprays and low pick-tip speed minimize dust and improve working conditions
  • Compact design for easy maneuverability in narrow mining conditions
  • Variable speed drive (VSD) allows for better control of sump-in process
Technical data
Cutter motor power 132 kW
Loading capacity 15 t/min
Ground pressure 0.14 MPa
Conveyor width 600 mm
Cutting height (max) 3,600 mm
Cutting height (min) 1,800 mm
Cutting width 2,700 mm
Engine power 45 kW
Loader and conveyor motor power