MB670-1 FLP Bolter miner

Sandvik MB670-1 FLP bolter miner is purpose-built for longwall coal mining.

These wide-head continuous miners combine special design features for cutting, loading, ground support and face ventilation in a balanced machine with superior productivity and strong environmental, health and safety performance. Sandvik MB670-1 effectively integrates proven technologies to offer high advance rates under tough mining conditions and in restricted spaces.


  • Innovative sump frame mechanism enables cutting and bolting in one machine
  • Adaptable auto-cutting cycle and semi-automatic bolting offer faster advance cycles
  • Horizon control lead ensures less wear on shuttle cars and improved floor conditions
Technical data (FLP)
Cutter motor power 270 kW
Ground clearance 270 mm
Ground pressure 0.29 MPa
Loading capacity 25 t/min
Cutting height 2,800 - 5,000 mm
Cutting width 5,000 - 6,200 mm
RPM of cutter drum 25.7 rpm
Max. tram speed 15 m/min

Country-specific FLP certifications by various international approval authorities are also possible.