Bolter miners

Sandvik MB670 bolter miner

Sandvik bolter miners are hydraulically or electrically powered high-capacity machines for safe and efficient roadway excavation and roof bolt installation in underground coal and soft mineral mines.

Sandvik bolter miners combine the basic characteristics of wide-head continuous miners with special design features for cutting, loading and ground support. These flameproof (FLP) and non-flameproof miners offer you a unique solution for rapid entry development of longwall developments as well as full-scale production in room and pillar operations. The FLP design complies with the key national or regional requirements, such as MA (China), DGMS (India), ANZEX (Australia), GOST (CIS), ATEX (Europe), SANS (South Africa) and MSHA (USA).

Sandvik MB770 none-FLP bolter miner

Sandvik MB770 non-FLP-approved bolter miner is designed for a variety of development work at non-coal and non-gassy operations in heights up to 5.3 meters (17.4 feet).​​

Sandvik MB670 bolter miner

Sandvik MB670-1 FLP bolter miner is purpose-built for longwall coal mining.

Sandvik MB650 bolter miner

Sandvik MB650 is a flameproof-approved (FLP) bolter miner designed for roadway development. It is basically a wide-head continuous miner with special design features for cutting, loading, ground support and face ventilation. Country-specific FLP certifications by various international approval authorities are also possible.

Sandvik MB450 bolter miner

Sandvik MB451 is an MSHA-approved flameproof (FLP) bolter miner designed for roadway development in seams from 1.8 to 3.6 meters in height (6 to 12 feet), and has been specially designed for mid-seam, long-wall developments with medium coal hardness.