DE881 multipurpose drill

Sandvik DE881 Multi-purpose exploration drill rig

The Sandvik DE881 is a heavy-duty multipurpose exploration drill rig and is the indrustry benchmark in performance. The DE881 offers more depth capacity in both diamond and reverse drilling when compared to its competitors. It is the most powerful drill rig in the Sandvik range of exploration drills and is recognized as industry leading when it comes to performance.


  • The hands free rod loading design enables safe tripping of the rod string in and out of the hole, ensuring no contact is made with the drill rods
  • The system torques the rod threads to the correct torque increasing drill rod life improving productivity
  • The multipurpose capability for reverse circulation and diamond applications provides greater flexibility
  • The tray includes an onboard rod storage bin, the rod bin is constructed to hold diamond core rods or reverse circulation rods
Technical data
Depth capacity* - coring (N) 3,200 m (10,498 ft)
Depth capacity - RC (4 in) 525 m (1,723 ft)
Rotation unit Top-drive, direct coupled
to drill rod / pipe
Maximum torque 14,324 Nm (10,564 lbf/ft)
Maximum rpm 1,500 rpm
Feed force 113 kN / 11.4 t (25,350 lbf)
Pull force 226 kN / 23 t (50,700 lbf)
Main winch (pull capacity) 216 kN / 22 t (48,500 lbf)
Feed length (stroke) 7.32 m (24 ft)
Power unit - diesel
(EU stage III CARB/EPA Tier 3 emissions rating)
254 kW (340 hp)

*Calculations are based on machine lifting capacity, which in some cases may exceed the rated hole depth of the down-hole tooling. Sandvik does not guarantee that these results will be achieved in all drilling operations.