DE140 Compact core drill rig

Sandvik DE140 Compact core drill

Sandvik DE140 is the mid range of our underground core drill rigs. The feed and pull force is 9.4 t and includes an innovative feed system directly coupled to the hydraulic cylinder, this has improved safety by removing feed chains from the feed system.


  • Includes a mechanical feed boom slide that enables lineal movement of the feed boom to contact the ground
  • A chainless steel feed boom with hydraulic feed cylinder supports the increased power and provides a high feed and pull in relation to the rig’s size
  • Sandvik DE140 is fitted with a rod spin guard to provide maximum safety close to rotating rod string
Technical data
Depth capacity* (N) 1,220 m (4,003 ft)
Rotation unit N size
Rotation unit H size
77 mm (3 in)
103 mm (4 in)
Maximum torque (N high speed)
Maximum torque (N high torque)
Maximum torque (H)
550 Nm (406 lbf/ft)
800 Nm (590 lbf/ft)
940 Nm (693 lbf/ft)
Maximum rpm (N high speed)
Maximum rpm (N high torque)
Maximum rpm (H)
1,600 rpm
1,100 rpm
1,100 rpm
Feed force 92.2 kN / 9.4 t (20,730 lbf)
Pull force 92.2 kN / 9.4 t (20,730 lbf)
Feed length (stroke) 1,700 mm (5 ft 7 in)
Power unit - electric 55 kW (72 hp)
Power unit - diesel 92 kW (125 hp)

*Calculations are based on machine lifting capacity, which in some cases may exceed the rated hole depth of the down-hole tooling. Sandvik does not guarantee that these results will be achieved in all drilling operations.