DE130 Compact core drill rig

Sandvik DE130 Compact core drill rig

Sandvik DE130 is the most cost effective drill in the DE100 series, designed for underground core drilling applications. Through continuous development with our customers, Sandvik have redesigned, modified and improved the Sandvik DE130 over the years to become the versatile model it is today.

Sandvik DE130 has proven its performance in a range of applications that include underground core drilling, dam reinforcement, geotechnical drilling for tunnel boring and surface exploration.


  • The load sensing hydraulic system that enables directly proportional oil flow, optimizing power efficiency
  • The drill also includes a mechanical feed boom slide that enables lineal movement of the feed boom to contact the ground
  • When you need extra power a high torque N-size rotation unit option is available to meet your specific requirements
Technical data
Depth capacity* (N) 815 m (2,674 ft)
Rotation unit N size
Rotation unit H size
77 mm (3 in)
103 mm (4 in)
Maximum torque (N high speed)
Maximum torque (N high torque)
Maximum torque (H)
550 Nm (406 lbf/ft)
800 Nm (590 lbf/ft)
940 Nm (693 lbf/ft)
Maximum rpm (N high speed)
Maximum rpm (N high torque)
Maximum rpm (H)
1,600 rpm
1,100 rpm
1,100 rpm
Feed force 46.1 kN / 4.7 t (10,360 lbf)
Pull force 61.5 kN / 6.3 t (13,820 lbf)
Feed length (stroke) 1,700 mm (5 ft 7 in)
Power unit - electric 55 kW (75 hp)
Power unit - diesel 92 kW (125 hp)

*Calculations are based on machine lifting capacity, which in some cases may exceed the rated hole depth of the down-hole tooling. Sandvik does not guarantee that these results will be achieved in all drilling operations.