Compact core drill rigs

Sandvik compact core drills

Sandvik DE100 series has been engineered to meet the toughest demands in underground mineral exploration. Sandvik DE100 series is also well suited to surface applications where a compact core drill is required. The modular design enables high exibility of our compact drills to meet our customers expectations.

Sandvik DE100 series drills are used on every continent in a variety of applications. The central focus of the design is on underground diamond core drilling for exploration and production applications. These compact drills are also used for surface applications such as dam reinforcement and heliportable applications.

All models in the range are built on the same principle and share many of the same major components. Exploration drilling can be very demanding especially in remote areas or sub-zero temperatures. That’s why we only use components that have been thoroughly tested, our Sandvik DE100 series rigs feature design characteristics that ensure our rigs are simple to maintain to minimize downtime.

Sandvik DE151 Compact core drill

Our Sandvik DE151 hydraulic core drill rig is a powerful and compact diamond core drilling solution designed for deeper and larger holes. It has the highest feed and pullout capacity in its class, and in relation to its weight and size. The direct feed system reduces the number of moving parts and extends the service life even in the most demanding surface and underground applications.

Sandvik DE142 Compact core drill

When you need deeper and larger holes the Sandvik DE142 is your solution. The Sandvik DE142 is for customers that prioritize performance when underground core drilling or require high torque drilling applications

Sandvik DE140i Compact core drill

Our Sandvik DE140i is the next generation of underground compact core drills, providing greater productivity with the latest control system that controls and monitors all system functions.

Sandvik have developed an auto mode feature allowing an operator to simply set the appropriate machine parameters and starts the drill in auto mode. Throughout operation the Sandvik DE140i automatically compensates for changes in drilling conditions to optimize drilling within the pre-set parameters.

Sandvik DE140 Compact core drill

Our Sandvik DE140 hydraulic core drill rig represents the next generation of compact core drilling solutions for underground applications.

Sandvik DE130 Compact core drill rig

Our Sandvik DE130 hydraulic core drill rig represents the next generation of compact core drilling solutions for underground applications.

Sandvik DE110 Compact core drill

Sandvik DE110 is the most compact member of our DE100 series. Designed as a portable drill for 46 millimetre (1 13/16 inch) or A-size exploration, grade control and grout-hole drilling. Sandvik DE110 is also well-suited for rock or concrete sampling with a maximum hole size of 116 millimetres (4 1/2 inches) to depths of 30 meters (100 feet). This drill will deliver you equally reliable results in both surface and underground applications.