BR455 Hydraulic breaker

Sandvik BR455 Hydraulic breaker

Sandvik BR455 small range breaker is versatile, efficient, and can be mounted on a wide range of carriers to be utilized in a number of different applications. The equipment is capable of accepting a wide range of oil flows as well as tolerating high back pressures, ensuring it's productive in the toughest environments.

Sandvik BR455 is built to last. Membrane-type accumulators assist with power strokes, whilst providing protection against hydraulic spikes. This enables consistently high productivity, whilst maintaining stability and safety.

Field replaceable lower tool bushing and a low-maintenance design ensures optimum hammer uptime, and the fact that all parts are readily available ensures they are easy to replace. This equipment is highly efficient, with a low operating cost.


  • Simple tool installation ensures simple set-up
  • Protected hose connection reduces dust build-up
  • Constant Blow Energy gives consistent performance
  • Easy to use and service, so maintenance downtime is kept to a minimum
  • High productivity and reliability, with low operating costs
  • Broad carrier range gives the equipment real versatility
Technical data
Working weight, kg (lb) 230 (510)
Impact rate, bpm 700 - 2,600
Operating pressure, bar (psi) 100 - 170 (1,450 - 2,465)
Tool diameter, mm (in.) 56 (2.20)
Acceptable oil flow, l/min (gal/min) 40 - 70 (10.6 - 18.5)
Mini excavator weight, allowed range, t (lb) 2.7 - 5.2 (6,000 - 11,500)
Skid steer weight, allowed range, t (lb) 1.8 - 3.5 (4,000 - 7,700)