BR1655 Hydraulic breaker

Sandvik BR1655 Hydraulic breaker

Sandvik BR1655 incorporates a piston and tool that are perfectly matched to ensure maximum energy transfer for optimum power and breaking efficiency. The equipment is designed to operate in the most demanding conditions.

Sandvik BR1655 breaker is designed to get into places where other breakers of its size can't. It features a slim, robust housing made entirely of wear resistant steel and a replaceable bottom plate.

The breaker has constant high productivity and is extremely reliable, and operating costs are low. Installation has been designed to be easy and safe for the operator, whilst maintenance is simple allowing you to maximize uptime.


  • Slim and lightweight design makes it easy to move
  • Twin-handed to increase stability
  • Sound suppression benefits the operator and the surrounding environment
  • FBE (Fixed blow energy)
  • Safety valve (Optional)
  • Ramlube I (Optional)
  • Ramlube III (Optional)
  • Heavy duty set (Optional)
  • Integrated HD hoses and couplings
  • Constant high productivity with low operating costs
Technical data
Working weight, kg (lb) 1,080 (2,380)
Impact rate, bpm 500 - 940
Operating pressure, bar (psi) 135 - 145 (1,960 - 2,105)
Tool diameter, mm (in.) 115 (4.53)
Acceptable oil flow, l/min (gal/min) 100 - 140 (26.4 - 37.0)
Carrier weight, allowed range, t (lb) 12 - 21 (26,500 - 46,300)