OptiMine® Analytics


OptiMine® Analytics transforms data from mining operations into actionable predictive insights, helping you optimize the full mining process. OptiMine® Analytics is powered by IBM Watson IoT, a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) services, applications, and tools. The dashboards combine real-time data from multiple resources calculating the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and identifying possible lost time. With predictive analytics major components failures are predicted.

Location-based Analytics is an advanced capability that allows you to quickly identify operational bottlenecks and problem areas in your operations.


  • Improve safety and efficiency through the visibility of your underground mining operations
  • Transform data from mining operations into actionable predictive insights. Identify the pain points & bottlenecks in your current operations to increase your Overall Equipment Efficiency and productivity
    • Predicting breakdowns and monitoring maintenance compliance & performance enables higher fleet lifecycle efficiency
    • In-shift utilization increases through insight into recurring bottlenecks
    • Operator competence development can enhance production quality
  • Incorporate data from Sandvik’s global fleet and equipment engineering knowledge to build best-in-market predictions
  • Digitalize your mine’s way of working, supported by our change management experts

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