AutoMine® Multi-Lite

Sandvik AutoMine™ Multilite trucking operation

AutoMine® Multi-Lite is an automation system which enables each system operator to remotely and simultaneously supervise multiple automated Sandvik underground loaders and trucks.

With AutoMine® Multi-Lite each piece of equipment completes automated missions in its own dedicated production area. The solution provides a powerful way to take advantage of the full machine performance through automation, and offers substantial benefits of increased productivity, safety and cost efficiency in mining operations.

AutoMine® Multi-Lite is suitable for large mining operations with several production areas. It is an ideal package particularly for mining operations which require repeatable and consistently high performance as well as multi-machine control. Transparency of the loading and hauling process through fleet reporting capabilities of the system serve as an enabler to optimize operations.


  • Multi-machine control
  • Multiple production areas and operator stations connected in the same system
  • High speed tramming
  • Automated production missions
  • Continuous operation with constantly high performance
  • Tracking, monitoring and reporting
  • Reduced equipment damage
  • Improved safety
  • Transparency enabling improved coordination between operational headings for higher profitability and extended mine life

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