AutoMine® Lite

Sandvik AutoMine™ Lite trucking operation

AutoMine® Lite is an automation system for a single Sandvik loader or truck and a more advanced alternative for AutoMine® Tele-Remote. The solution provides a powerful way to take advantage of the full machine performance through automation, and offers substantial benefits of increased productivity, safety and cost efficiency in mining operations.

AutoMine® Lite is particularly suitable for mining operations requiring repeatable and constantly high performance, such as sub-level open stoping, sub-level caving, transfer levels or individual block caving drives.

AutoMine® Lite offers staggering productivity through high-speed tramming, high availability as well as continuous and consistent operation. The solution can also be easily expanded to AutoMine® Multi-Lite, which enables each system operator to simultaneously control multiple loaders or trucks.


  • High speed tramming
  • Automated production missions
  • Continuous operation with constantly high performance
  • Tracking, monitoring and reporting
  • Reduced equipment damage
  • Improved safety
  • Upgradeable to multi-machine control