AutoMine® Multi-Lite for boom drills

AutoMine® Multi-Lite is an automation system that enables mines to operate multiple drill rigs from a remote control room or alternatively from a trailer or van. The solution not only dramatically improves the working conditions and the immediate safety of the operator, but also keeps mine personnel out of hazardous areas.

The AutoCycle capabilities introduce a fully autonomous drilling cycle where work proceeds through the drilling cycle for multiple holes including hole-to-hole tramming without operator involvement.

The AutoCycle enables fully autonomous surface drilling fleet operation of multiple drill rigs from a remote control room, improving operational safety, increasing productivity and fleet utilization.

A single operator is able to control 1-3 rigs from one remote operator station. The remote operator station controls are identical with onboard controls. This ensures a safer and more comfortable environment for the operator.

The operator’s work is assisted by onboard cameras and an audio system that together with a line of sight or area surveillance camera system, enables safer and productive work in all conditions.

The AutoMine® system is designed for ease of use and fast start up in all conditions. Network communication is established automatically creating a user friendly, reliable, and ergonomic operating environment.


  • Operator safety: reduced exposure to noise, dust and vibration by removing the operator from the hazardous environment
  • Consistent output: increased efficiency with accurate drilling performance for easier blasting and improved fragmentation
  • Continuous operation: continuous drilling over shift changes and breaks
  • Multi-machine control: one operator for multiple drill-rigs
  • Reduced damage: lower maintenance costs due to less wear and tear with automated functions
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