Special screening media

Special screening media

Sandvik special screening media are available in a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses. The panels can be manufactured flat with mounting holes or profiled for installation using special wedges. Panels extend up the sides of the screen machine, ensuring that no material escapes along the sides of the screen deck.

The media is made of hardwearing polyurethane specially designed to cope with the tough requirements imposed on screening cloth. The high-quality media has a long life, which means long service intervals and minimal maintenance requirements. The cloth is securely fastened, eliminating the need for adjustment.

The flexibility of the polyurethane, in combination with the special movement of the screen, reduces the risk of pegging and blinding of the cloth, which further reduces the need for maintenance.

WF9000 Special PU screening media

A special polyurethane screening media with punched holes, primarily for fine screening in difficult conditions.