Screening media

Sandvik screening media

Your screening media is as important to your operation as choosing the right chamber for a crusher. But it doesn’t stop at screens alone. When your setup is optimized for your unique needs, you can maximize your productivity.

Screening media is not one size fits all. Sandvik understands the challenges you face and can work with you to analyze your feed and the setup of your machines to create a solution that will maximize your output.

With Sandvik, you get an OEM partner with more than ten decades of experience in crushing and screening. Bringing all of our deep expertise and process knowledge to your operation, we not only provide you with the right screening media. We also have an array of service offerings to optimize your entire crushing and screening circuit, helping you solve problems, and raise your profits.

Tensioned Screening Media

Sandvik tensioned screening media is tailor-made and available in a variety of materials, widths, lengths and thicknesses for both cross and length tensioned screens.

Pre-Tensioned Screening Media System

Sandvik pre-tensioned polymer screening media is intended for installation in screens with cambered/ crowned screen decks, equipped with support bars

Self-Supporting Screening Media

Sandvik WS6000 and WS6000H are steel-reinforced, self-supporting panels built to take a heavy beating in your primary scalping applications.

Modular screening media


When using modular screening media from Sandvik the deck configuration is flat to allow the material bed to be rapidly and evenly distributed over the full width of the screen, increasing screening efficiency. For final screening, dam bars can be used to reduce the material speed and further increase screening accuracy.

Special screening media

Sandvik special screening media are available in a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses. The panels can be manufactured flat with mounting holes or profiled for installation using special wedges.

Sandvik WX6500 screening media

Why choose between accuracy and durability? Sandvik WX6500 screening media sizes just like wire mesh at 2–32 mm separations. But it offers everything a rubber media can, including 10 times the product life.