Productivity improvements

Sandvik productivity improvements

Sandvik productivity upgrade provides access to technology that can considerably improve the productivity performance of your current machine.

Some examples could include:

  • Retrofitting our Integrated Weighing System (IWS)
  • Rock drill upgrades
  • Retrofitting drilling instrumentation
  • Drilling automation packages.
Sandvik Rock drills

Replace your old component with a higher technology version and benefit from improved reliability, efficiency and higher productivity with new capital expenditure.

Sandvik mainshaft sleeve next generation parts

Our durable, high-performance Sandvik parts for cone crushers increase service life and extend the time between scheduled maintenance stops. Optimize uptime and increase productivity.

Sandvik Electric dump valve

Tramp iron and other uncrushable objects can cause expensive stoppages, equipment damage and higher services costs. Reduce exposure to damaging pressure peaks in your crusher by up to 90% with the Sandvik electric dump valve.

Sandvik rotating feed distributor

Our Rotating Feed Distributor is placed above the feed hopper and evenly spreads your incoming feed material - correcting for misaligned feeds or feed segregation.