Standard and custom engineering upgrade

Drill rig with standard and customer engineering updgrade

Sandvik is committed to developing products and intelligent aftermarket solutions that increase both the safety and productivity of your operations.

Whether you look for improvements in either productivity, lifecycle costs, safety and environmental issues, or in a complete machine application change, we have a solution available for you.

All our standard or custom engineering upgrades:

  • Are field-tested solutions with proven results
  • Are OEM certified for safety, fit, form and function
  • Include full documentation (including Parts and Service manuals)
  • Include expert services included to ensure flawless and efficient installation
Sandvik productivity improvements

Sandvik productivity upgrade provides access to technology that can considerably improve the productivity performance of your current machine.

Sandvik Lifecycle cost improvements

Gain access to improved technology that can reduce the cost of ownership, as well as improving your maintenance performance leading to consistent productivity.

Sandvik Machine application modifications

Modify your machine to successfully operate in a new or different application environment through Sandvik.

Sandvik safety and environmental improvements

Safety and environmental modernization from Sandvik allows you to access improved technology to increase the operative safety of your machinery, and improve their environmental operating conditions.