Upgrades and Engineered solutions

At Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology we continuously invest in R&D to develop machines with new added-value features.

But, we also want to offer the opportunity to our existing customers to access these new technologies with their existing equipment through specific upgrades. With our Upgrades & Engineered Solutions, you get the best our of your equipment! Whether you look for improvements in either productivity, lifecycle costs, safety & environmental issues, or in a complete machine application change, we have a solution available for you!

We make it possible!

At Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology we continuously invest in R&D to take advantage of the latest, smartest technology in order to boost productivity.

Gain access to improved technology and crusher upgrades that can considerably improve the productivity performance of your current machine, reduce the cost of ownership, as well as improve worker safety.

As your productivity partner, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology will use our expertise and solutions to help you reduce the running costs of your equipment, thereby enhancing your operational efficiency and increasing your competitive edge.

Keeping up with operational evolutions might require new tasks that your current equipment cannot handle. Sandvik Upgrades & Engineered Solutions will adapt your current fleet to your new needs for a minimal capital investment.

Safety is our top priority at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. This is reflected in our commitment to develop new technology for improving equipment safety and reducing the environmental impact of operation.