Productivity premium contracts

Our Productivity premium contracts gives you increased uptime, productivity, profit and complete peace of mind in a risk controlled operation. It allows you to safeguard optimal process performance by adjusting your plant process to changing running conditions which vary over time.

Building trust

The comprehensive Productivity Services program contains all Advisory Services and Extended Warranty program elements as well as continuous process optimization. This program gives you up to 10% gain in productivity helping you achieve your production targets. An annual plant audit identifies where you can make cost savings and process efficiencies. This service program focuses on improving wear patterns in crushers, chutes and screening media, in order to optimize the crushing and screening circuit.

Productivity premium contracts include:

  • Monthly and quarterly inspections and reports
  • Extended Warranty
  • Training
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Stock Planning
  • Annual Plant Audit
  • Crushing Chamber Optimization
  • Crushing Circuit Optimization