Return to peak performance. Rebuild your machine

Sandvik Rebuild Solutions support your most vital equipment throughout their life cycles.

Our rebuild solutions are not just for equipment that’s nearing the end of its life. Scheduling rebuilds throughout the lifespans of your most valuable machinery, such as drill rigs, loaders and trucks, is a strategically smart approach – you preserve productivity, extend operational life and reduce running costs. You also get the most appropriate time for servicing and minimize unplanned shutdowns.

Sandvik Rebuild Program: A unit-based intervention

  • Genuine Parts, genuine Expertise
  • Fastest turn around
  • Boost your productivity
  • Keep safe
  • Worldwide presence
  • Service Support
  • Access to original documentation
  • Inspection and Comissioning

Sandvik provide a range of Rebuild solutions according to the age and condition of your equipment:

Your equipment is inspected by certified specialists, following OEM criteria’s and expertise, that defines the right scope for the specific machine intervention

In our Life Extension solutions we use pre-engineering kits, forecastable and produced in our factories and shipped to one of our workshop facilities.

In our Reborn solutions we use pre-engineering kits, forecastable and produced in our factories and shipped to one of our workshop facilities.

Sandvik Reborn+

Sandvik Reborn+ provides a full scope rebuild with the option to add additional safety and productivity upgrades to the standard scope

Optimum time for a rebuild intervention

Sandvik Rebuilds offers mining and construction companies a way to maintain their machines’ reliability and productivity over their full engineered lifecycles. That is the key reason to identify the optimum Interval for a major intervention. Sandvik Parts and Services work closely with our customers to proactively identify the right moment for an intervention, and to find the right solution and scope according to their needs, goals and circumstances

Plan your interventions and count on Sandvik worldwide

A crucial factor to keep in mind is that Rebuilds are not just for worn equipment approaching the end of their lifecycle. Rebuild solutions are most effective and beneficial as mid-life services. They are an opportunity to improve productivity now, while at the same time ensuring reliability and stability in the future. The forward-thinking approach of Sandvik Rebuild Solution can reduce your equipment’s total cost of ownership, and increase the return on your investment.

Rebuilds are available in over 50 Sandvik Service Centers accross the world


* Test results are to be considered as results reached under certain and controlled test conditions. These test results should not be treated as specifications and Sandvik does not guarantee, warrant or represent the outcome of test results in any or all circumstances.


Below you'll find a selection of the models that this offering is applicable for. We have only listed the most common models so if your Sandvik machine or model is not listed, please contact us!