Ground engaging tools

Sandvik Ground engaging tool

Sandvik Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T) are renowned for their durability, backed by an OEM with full backline support. Take the risk out of your operational equation by ensuring you have your biggest asset covered. Lower your overall costs, and reduce your costs per ton mined.


Our offering includes modular lip and heel shrouds that can be easily removed and replaced as the need arises. These are systems that will offer you a longer service life for your buckets while increasing your productivity and reducing downtime.

The total package consists of:

  • Mako or Bluepointer, our two mechanically attached lip shrouds provide a quick change innovative wear solution, allowing for quicker and easier change outs, and eliminating the need for hot work when changing the mechanical G.E.T. Unlike conventional systems, Sandvik G.E.T.'s adjustable locking system can be re-tensioned easily and safely to minimize the destructive lip peening often experienced with loose fitting shrouds. This is achieved by tightening the rear cap screw – making the placement of the boss much less critical and providing a quick and cost-effective solution.
  • Sandvik's patented mechanical Heel Shrouds are designed to protect the bottom and outer heel of the bucket during loading. The system enables heel shrouds to be changed out without gouging or welding. Made from proven SS3000 material for superior wear life, our mechanical Heel Shrouds are quicker and safer to change out – resulting in less downtime and fewer bucket repairs


Our WELD-ON G.E.T systems offer similar benefits to the mechanical solutions: longer service life for your buckets, increased productivity and reduced downtime. But these are permanent solutions that will protect your bucket and considerably improve its service life.

The total weld-on package includes:

  • Half Arrow is a weld-on lip system that protects the continuous edge of your underground loader bucket. It is designed to provide maximum penetration and maintain your bucket capacity longer, leading to improved productivity.
  • Cast Profile Bars offer additional protection of the primary lip. These high-strength, high-hardness segments improve primary lip service life, and reduce your total cost per hour of bucket operation.
  • When it comes to the heel, Weld-On Heel Shrouds can strategically be placed around the rim of the bucket to protecting the bucket welds and bucket integrity.

Sandvik cast bucket corners

Sandvik cast bucket corners add structural strength and high wear protection to the bucket to maintain maximum capacity throughout its entire service life.

  • Significantly extend the service life of your bucket
  • Lower our overall bucket maintenance costs
  • Increase your production levels
  • Reduce your downtime
  • Reduce your cost per tonne mined
  • Enjoy a high-quality solution from a trusted OEM