Ground engaging tools (G.E.T) and buckets

Sandvik Ground engaging tools and buckets

Wear and tear is simply a part of operating in harsh, underground mining conditions. Sandvik's extensive range of integrated wear packages are renowned for their durability, backed by an OEM with full backline support. Take the risk out of your operational equation by ensuring you have your biggest asset covered. Lower your overall costs, and reduce your costs per ton mined.

Sandvik complete Buckets and G.E.T solutions are suited to fit a wide range of underground loaders – not just Sandvik equipment – and cover both mechanical and weld-on G.E.T systems.

SharkTM ground engaging tools (GET) provide the ultimate protection for your bucket, significantly extending life and reducing costly downtime. Specially designed for abrasive underground environments, the SharkTM range enhances the structural strength of buckets produced by Sandvik and other OEMs, helping you shift more tonnes per hour.

Sandvik buckets are reliable, robust and proven to perform in underground hard rock applications. The advanced design provides good penetration of the muck pile, optimizes material flow during dumping and is constructed of wear resistant reinforced steel to extend the bucket’s lifetime.


Below you'll find a selection of the models that this offering is applicable for. We have only listed the most common models so if your Sandvik machine or model is not listed, please contact us!