Hydraulic oil

Barrel with Sandvik hydraulic oil

Sandvik long-life hydraulic oils offer superior protection for your hydraulic pumps and circuit at both ends of the temperature spectrum, especially during start-up. All Sandvik hydraulic oils are multi-grade and have a high viscosity index to ensure good cold flow properties, and high film strength at higher operating conditions.

Sandvik hydraulic oils typically have a 50 percent higher viscosity index than traditional monograde oils, and they maintain their viscosity and viscosity index throughout the whole lifetime, avoiding extra wear.

Sandvik oils also offer better protection against oxidation, sludge and varnish formation, reducing the risk of serious damage to your filters, pumps and valve gear. This leads to longer component life, minimizing your maintenance costs.

Sandvik offers a range of different viscosities to cater to different ambient temperatures and equipment loads: the higher the temperature and the load, the higher the viscosity should be.

Sandvik's zinc- and ash-free hydraulic oil is a multi-purpose hydraulic and lubrication fluid, which shows better extreme pressure properties (FZG of >12) compared to our zinc-containing hydraulic fluids (mostly reach FZG >11). This means that with a higher FZG, you have better performance to prevent from scuffing. Additionally our zinc-free alternative shows gear oil performance according to DIN 51524-3 CLP. So it can be used as multifunctional hydraulic and gear oil. Using our zinc-free alternative can also reduce environmental impact.

​* check with your local sales representative about availability in your country​