Engine oil

Container with Sandvik engine oil

Sandvik long-life engine oils deliver reliable lubrication and protection for engines installed on your Sandvik equipment.

Sandvik OE15W40-C protects engine during cold starts, ensuring oil quickly reaches crucial parts of the engine. At high temperatures the oil provides excellent cleanliness control.

Sandvik OE15W40-C best-in-class wear control maximizes efficiency and engine life. Even after longer test hours Sandvik OE15W40-C prevents harmful soot, debris and impurities from contacting vital engine components.

Sandvik OE15W40-C protects the valve train under a severe off-highway duty cycle and in a stressed excavator cycle.

Sandvik OE10W40-LA has outstanding wear control, piston cleanliness, sludge control and soot dispersion. It also provides superior wear protection of the valve train.

Sandvik OE10W40-LA offers very high neutralization potential even with poor fuel quality. It also boasts higher TBN retention than conventional high-ash oils, protects from acidification and prevents corrosion.

You'll consume less fuel and benefit from cleaner pistons using Sandvik OE10W40-LA. The oil has excellent cold-start properties even with oil aging, and grants an optimal oil supply to all engine parts, providing ideal engine wear protection.

​* check with your local sales representative about availability in your country​