Sandvik Oils - Better reliability, fewer breakdowns

Sandvik performance fluids

The right oil can make a major difference in equipment lifetime. Low-quality fluids can reduce productivity and shorten equipment life.

All oils in the Sandvik range are specifically designed and carefully tested, paying close attention to extreme operating conditions. As a result, Sandvik Performance Fluids are long lasting, ideal for different climate conditions and, most importantly, formulated based on the specific needs of your Sandvik equipment. They ensure increased reliability, higher availability and reduced breakdown risk.

All Sandvik high-quality oils are the same oils we use for factory fill, which means that you never risk mixing oil types. Oils are compatible with all of the components we use, and help you derive first-day benefits throughout your equipment lifetime.

Sandvik representatives can help you select the most suitable oil for your operation based on equipment design and site conditions.

Container with Sandvik engine oil

Sandvik long-life engine oils deliver reliable lubrication and protection for engines installed on your Sandvik equipment.

Barrel with Sandvik hydraulic oil

Sandvik long-life hydraulic oils offer superior protection for your hydraulic pumps and circuit at both ends of the temperature spectrum, especially during start-up. All Sandvik hydraulic oils are multi-grade and have a high viscosity index to ensure good cold flow properties, and high film strength at higher operating conditions.

Sandvik transmission oils

Sandvik long-life transmission oil OT10W provides excellent protection for heavily loaded components, extending the life of your equipment. It is a dedicated transmission/torque converter oil, fit for purpose, and that enhances efficiency with improved flow at low temperatures.

Sandvik axle oil

Sandvik long-life axle oils extend the life of your equipment with excellent wear and corrosion protection.

Sandvik compressor oil

Sandvik long-life compressor oils help your equipment cope with the extreme conditions found in rotary compressors, ensuring excellent wear protection, long life and system efficiency.

Barrel with Sandvik shank lubrication oil

Sandvik heavy-duty shank lubrication oils are specially engineered for your Sandvik rock drills that operate under harsh mining conditions. With different viscosity classes for colder and warmer climates, this oil protects front-end parts — such as shank and front bearings — from wear and damage.

​* check with your local sales representative about availability in your country​