Loading and hauling repair and endurance kits

Sandvik repair and endurance kits offer practical, convenient solutions that include everything you need to run at peak efficiency and bring your equipment up to OEM standards.

Regular exchanges and repair of consumables and parts are necessary to ensure peak performance and reliability throughout the life of your loader. Keep your loader in excellent repair, ensure maximum reliability and extend the lifespan of individual components such as axles, gearboxes or torque with our Sandvik endurance and repair kits. You'll save on maintenance time and reduce operational costs by up to 38 per-cent* by using kits with our genuine Sandvik parts.

Endurance kits

Sandvik endurance kits reduce the risk of unexpected failures and extend product life. Kits contain all parts to be replaced during component repair on Sandvik loaders such as axles, gearboxes or torque. Using Sandvik Endurance kits for recommended service intervals offers 10% higher performance compared to ad hoc repairs.

Repair kits

Sandvik loader repair kits are customized for functional repairs of an axle gearbox or torque. They contain all the parts you require to perform necessary repairs discovered during inspections

Peace of mind

Sandvik endurance and repair kits give you advanced engineering expertise in a compact package that makes servicing remote locations easier. We deliver direct from our warehouse to your mine to make loader upkeep faster and easier than ever. We also guarantee that all parts are genuine, original and manufactured to our highest OEM standards to ensure stable performance, reliability and durability in your harsh mining conditions.