Sandvik new components

New high quality components for unrivalled performance.

  • Get top-quality, long-lasting OEM components and enjoy peace of mind and higher productivity.
  • Repairs don't have to be carried out on site, therefore fewer interactions of your workers with high-risk load related repairs
  • Suitable for overhauls or when life of the component is long
  • Buy-back of old components can be offered as an option if certain criteria are met
Sandvik key components

When purchasing Sandvik parts you can always be sure that the parts delivered are within the specifications required for a crusher to perform well. Getting it wrong can cost you a lot more. For example, wrong tolerances in a spider bushing can lead to serious damage in the eccentric assembly, leading to expensive repairs and downtime.

Sandvik major component assemblies

There's a lot more to a Sandvik major component assembly then just a big casted shaft or top shell. The major component assemblies from Sandvik are pre-assembled in the controlled environment of our manufacturing facilities and includes all required items for the maintenance to be as easy as possible.