Component replace or repair solutions

When you need to repair or replace a vital component, Sandvik offers cost-effective and convenient solutions that help keep your equipment productive 365 days a year.

At the same time, we understand that every operation’s needs are individual and unique. Therefore, we’ve developed a range of solutions suitable for every situation – letting you avoid the risks and time demands of attempting repairs on your own.


Sandvik Component repair and return

Sandvik will inspect and repair your original component in our state of the art workshops using genuine parts to an agreed standard and scope.

Sandvik New for Old solution offers the benefits of new components without the costs.

Sandvik new components

New high quality components for unrivalled performance.

Sandvik new component

Sandvik Component Exchange offers quality remanufactured components to minimize downtime on critical equipment.

Predictive costs, proactive service, 100% peace of mind.