Sandvik launches 2700 series underground drills performance upgrade

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions has launched its 2700 series underground drills performance upgrade package. The 2700 series consists of a single-boom jumbo, a rock bolter and a top hammer production drill for mining development, and was designed and manufactured in collaboration between the company’s Finnish, French and Chinese operations.

Sandvik’s 2700 series delivers high-quality underground drills to value-conscious mining companies while incorporating the same industry-leading safety and technology as the company’s other products.

Designed for small- to mid-sized underground hard rock applications, Sandvik 2700 series can operate in tunnels with an internal radius of as little as 2.9 meters. Key drilling components are the same as those used on other Sandvik underground drills, ensuring commonality of parts and high drilling performance, productivity and reliability.

Sandvik DD2710

The Sandvik DD2710 upgrade delivers the hydraulic pilot-controlled drilling system to increase productivity and enable high drilling capacity. Drilling power is provided through the Sandvik RDX5 rock drill, which features 20kW of percussion power. The standard universal B26F boom is complemented with a narrow vein boom option. Sandvik DD2710 delivers 15 percent faster drilling speed compared to the previous generation.

Sandvik DD2710 was trialed at JCHX Mining Management Co. Ltd.’s Huize Mine in China, with the project manager reporting the drill was reliable and had lower spare part consumption in rock drills and consumables than equivalent drills on the market.

Sandvik DS2710

Performance of Sandvik DS2710 is also upgraded with a hydraulic pilot-controlled system, which enables 15 percent faster drilling performance. The newly launched Sandvik RD212 rock drill offers 15 percent faster bolt installation and 30 percent lower running costs than the previous generation. It ensures maximum safety and consistency during the bolting process.

Sandvik DL2710 and DL2720

Sandvik DL2710 and DL2720’s intelligent drilling control system and its stable frame-type boom structure enables accurate drilling with less deviation, it is designed for full fan and parallel drilling with the shortest distance to the contact wall and safest operating conditions. The longhole drill rigs are equipped with a Sandvik HL820ST rock drill, which is a field proven 21 kW-class drifter with stabilizer, ensuring better bit-to-rock contact, better energy transfer, and good drilling stability. It offers high productivity with more than 10,000 drilled meters per month.

High drilling performance

The new range of drill rigs have been field proven through extensive customer references. The booms offer wide drilling and bolting coverage. The mechanized bolting carousel and rod handling structure greatly shorten the duty cycle time, improve production efficiency and reduce operating cost. The compact, four-wheel-drive, articulated and diesel-powered carrier is designed for good visibility and stability in tramming in small mining drifts and tunnels. It offers high operation efficiency and short preparation time for drill rig transitions in the tunnel.

Better safety, better ergonomics

Operators work under the FOPS-approved safety canopy, and all controls are at their fingertips. The safer and more ergonomic work environment improves operator performance.

Ground access and easy maintenance

The operating and maintenance interfaces are designed for easy access and safe operation, and all service points are accessible at ground level.

Modular design

The Sandvik 2700 series adopts a modular design concept, a common rear carrier module, different front carrier modules, combined with a variety of application modules, which offers flexibility and reduced manufacturing time. This also improves spare part commonality to reduce inventory and simplifies operation and maintenance training.

Changzhou, China, October 27, 2022

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Sarah Lv
Product Manager 2700 Series
Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions

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