New Dino™ DC420Ri boosts all-terrain productivity for surface drilling

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is launching a new, even more productive and sustainable top hammer drill rig, designed especially for drilling and blasting contractors. The redesigned Dino DC420Ri will replace its well-known predecessor, Dino DC410Ri, although the proven overall concept – namely the biggest coverage area in its class and powerful rock drill – will remain. In addition, the new Dino DC420Ri will feature a wider carrier for improved stability and a powerful Stage V engine for lower emissions, together with a drill rod carousel and one-hole automation for increased productivity.

During the span of just a few years, the Dino™ DC410Ri top hammer drill rig has become a popular choice for urban contractors and others looking for excellent productivity and mobility in the 51–76 mm (2”–3”) hole size range. The boom system has the largest coverage area in this drill rig category and the powerful 14-kW RD414 rock drill enables high-capacity drilling. Upgrades were however needed to ensure its proven concept remains competitive for years to come, in terms of both productivity and sustainability.

New engine, wider carrier, carousel and one-hole automation

Several of the key features on the newly-introduced Dino™ DC420Ri have been completely redesigned. A Stage V diesel engine now provides regulatory compatibility for the markets where this low-emission engine standard is required and the rig carrier is wider, offering better stability – thereby improving operator safety in difficult terrain and at challenging work sites. The third major upgrade is the actual drilling system, which can now be fitted with an optional three-rod carousel cassette to enable longer holes, up to a depth of 14 meters. Future upgrades will add the option of one-hole automation, making full use of the potentially longer holes and improved productivity made possible by the addition of the drill steel carousel.

Additional upgrades

In addition to the most significant upgrades to the tracked carrier, drilling system and engine, Dino™ DC420Ri will also feature several other smaller, but nevertheless significant, new features. Operators of the new machine will enjoy a new seven-inch touchscreen and a control system and screens with the same look and feel as cabinless Sandvik drill rigs Commando™ DC130Ri and DC300Ri, offering a unified user experience, ease of training and other commonality benefits. The drill navigation system is updated to the TIMi version and the electric systems have been redesigned to improve overall robustness and reliability.

Future upgrades

The development doesn’t stop here. Over the next few years, the Dino™ series will be streamlined into a single Dino™ DC420Ri with two engine options for both Tier 3 and Stage V emission classes. Until then, Dino™ DC410Ri will remain on the market to bridge the offering for those customers who require a Tier 3 engine. Future system updates will also include an open interface for transferring 3D data to third-party systems for purposes such as drilling and blasting planning or production control.

Sales of the new Dino™ DC420Ri have already commenced, with deliveries due to start late 2022.

Key technical specifications

Recommended hole diameter:

51–76 mm (2”–3”)

Rock tools:

R32, T35, T38

Hydraulic rock drill:

RD414, 14 kW


Volvo Penta TAD580VE 105 kW (Stage V)

Flushing air capacity:

3.5 m3/min, max. 8 bar

Production capacity:

600–1200 m3/8h

Transport length:

6.9 m (22.6 ft)

Transport width:

2.45 m (8.03 ft)

Transport height:

2.85 m (9.35 ft)

Total weight:

approx. 11,000 kg

Tampere, Finland, October 18, 2022

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