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Customer input for better output

5 December, 2018 Innovation drives economic growth, but what drives innovation? Research and development activities…

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Onward and downward

23 November, 2018 The EU-funded underwater mining project ¡VAMOS! continues to prove that conventional thinking can be…

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Digital underground

21 November, 2018 OptiMine Analytics uses predictive modelling technology to process overall equipment efficiency and…

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Real-time analysis

14 November, 2018 Sandvik RockPulse marks the evolution of top-hammer drilling technology as it works directly with the…

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Great expectations

8 November, 2018 Safety and production are the main drivers for the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK). At the coal…

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Merit in the Motherland

7 November, 2018 Record-setting heroes may sound like the stuff of literature, but with the help of Sandvik Mining and…

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Tried, tested and true

1 November, 2018 Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has launched an entirely new high-pressure DTH drill rig to complete…

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Forty years young

18 October, 2018 Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology commemorated the 40 th anniversary of the Rammer by updating the…

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Russian handover

16 October, 2018 Handing over equipment to customers has become something of a yearly tradition for Sandvik Mining and…

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