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At the extreme end

10 December, 2021 SIBERIA, RUSSIA. In the heart of Siberia, drilling contractor Altayvzryvservis handles a variety of…

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The black box of mining

2 December, 2021 Data and transparency will help make mining “safer, cooler and more efficient,” according to Newtrax…

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Digging deep for change

24 November, 2021 Together with four industry partners, LKAB is planning to set a new standard in underground mining…

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Expand the limit

17 November, 2021 Top Hammer XL expands the hole size range of top hammer drilling up to 178 millimetre, offering the…

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Automation deconstructed

10 November, 2021 William Pratt Rogers, an assistant professor in mining engineering at the University of Utah, has no…

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A renewed giant

2 November, 2021 KIRUNA, SWEDEN. The industry’s largest-capacity underground loader is helping the world’s largest underground…

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Charged up and ready to load

27 October, 2021 The new Sandvik LH518B loader offers the heat reduction and ventilation potential typical of battery-electric…

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Blazing the trails ahead

19 October, 2021 Combining advanced sensing capabilities, sustainable battery-electric technology and artificial intelligence, the…

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For a safer underground

13 October, 2021 Working underground can pose a range of hazards. Sandvik’s recent acquisition of DSI Underground will…

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