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From Australia to Zambia and underground gold to open-pit coal, Minestories is our visual storytelling portal that serves to inform and inspire the global mining industry forward. Minestories is your single source for compelling case stories and videos, articles about the latest technological innovations and in-depth people profiles. The recently redesigned portal is currently published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Canadian French, Polish and Russian.


A quest to coexist

13 February, 2018 ONTARIO, CANADA. Goldcorp is developing the world’s first all-electric underground mine, an ambitious…

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Life finds a way

7 February, 2018 In Butte, Montana, this former mine is now home to billions of litres of toxic water. What lies beneath…

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Nuclear mining

19 January, 2018 Could nuclear power be the key to a more sustainable and efficient way to mine in remote locations?…

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Underwater frontier

10 January, 2018 With an estimated 100 billion euros’ worth of unexploited minerals sitting submerged in abandoned European…

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The pioneers of Hecla Green

20 December, 2017 In south-eastern Alaska, the miners at Hecla Greens Creek are using automated loading technology to…

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Industrial captaincy

14 December, 2017 Björn Rosengren, President and CEO of Sandvik Group, shares some of his extensive knowledge on the…

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Sustainable progress

7 December, 2017 The Mineral Products Association recently reported that in the UK, the aggregates industry is making…

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Dilution resolution

29 November, 2017 CRESCENT VALLEY, NEVADA. Minimizing ore dilution has enabled narrow-vein specialist Klondex Mines to…

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A crushing success

23 November, 2017 Sandvik QJ341+ is a development over the standard QJ341 which can result in a significant increase…

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