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Discover our ever-expanding range of Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Offering guide

Our Offering Guide combines our diverse portfolio of innovative products and solutions into one convenient and easy-to-use digital resource. The guide’s content is searchable and organized into chapters of major mining and rock excavation applications. As you explore our latest guide, you’ll discover the many ways our products and services work together to create a synergistic effect that helps you operate more efficiently.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology rock tools app

Sandvik Mining rock tools

We manufacture the world’s widest range of tools and accessories for exploration, rock drilling, raise boring, coal and mineral cutting, tunneling, trenching, road grading and cold planing. Our rock tools app provides product information at your fingertips plus access to promotional material, including print, video, animations and more.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology Solid Ground app

Solid Ground

Our twice-a-year business and technology customer magazine is available as a digital download for both major mobile operating systems. Meet the miners who rely on our equipment and tools, service and technical solutions and read about our latest product developments for mining and rock excavation.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology Take 5 app

Take 5

Sandvik Take Five digitizes one of our most important safety techniques. Choose a task and conduct a simple in-app version of the same five-step risk assessment every Sandvik employee should undertake before performing any task to identify potential hazards.