LH625iE Technical specification


Datasheet updated 2020-07-10 14:34 (supersedes all previous editions)

Well-proven giant with 25 000 kg payload capacity.

The world's largest capacity underground loader, the electric Toro™ LH625iE, offers an enormous carry capacity of 25 tonnes with its 10 m3 bucket. The giant is built on Sandvik proven cable electric loader design, but naturally, today's Toro™ LH625iE comes with advanced i-series technology, latest digital solutions and smart connectivity.

Zero underground diesel emissions

Toro™ LH625iE is one living proof that it is possible to achieve impressive productivity without using traditional diesel engines and fossil fuel. With no underground exhaust emissions, less heat and lower noise levels, electric motors contribute to better working conditions underground, and help to reduce mine ventilation costs.