DS211L-M Technical specification


Datasheet updated 2021-03-30 11:28 (supersedes all previous editions)

Sandvik DS211L-M is a fully mechanized one man operated electro-hydraulic low profile bolting machine for rock reinforcement in excavations with headroom as low as 1.6 meters.

The robust rectangular profile telescopic boom allows the installation of several rows of bolts without moving the machine by a single operator working under the FOPS / ROPS protective canopy. The exceptional «V» shape layout is designed for good visibility and balance, this and the powerful four-wheel-drive articulated carrier ensure fast and safe manoeuvring even in low headroom conditions. The high performance drilling system allows high drilling performance with good drill steel economy and high machine reliability. The operator environment and added automatic functions allow the operator to concentrate on safe, fast and accurate drilling and bolts installation. All functions are piloted by a radio remote control, with SICA platform for fault finding. All the service points are well protected but easy to access.