DL2720 Technical specification


Datasheet updated 2021-03-30 09:28 (supersedes all previous editions)

Sandvik DL2720 is a fully mechanized and compact electro-hydraulic top hammer longhole drill designed for underground mining in 3.2 x 3.2 meters or larger production drifts. It is capable of drilling vertical and inclined fans and single or parallel diameter 64 – 89 mm longholes up to 38 meters in length, using T38, T45 and T51 MF-rods or Ø65mm tube rods.

Sandvik DL2720 is mounted on a 4-wheel drive frame-steered and diesel powered carrier. It is equipped with HL710S hydraulic rock drill, LFRC700 drilling module, FR10 longhole boom, VIC control system and FOPS operator's safety canopy for high drilling capacity, good hole accuracy and maximum safety. The 360° drilling module rotation and wide boom swing and tilt angles make the drill suitable for most mining methods and various service support applications.

The layout of the Sandvik DL2720 undercarrier is designed for good visibility, mobility and stability, ensuring fast and safe tramming in narrow mine drifts. The operator's canopy and maintenance interface are designed for easy access, safe operation and all service points are accessible from the ground level.