DL210 Technical specification


Datasheet updated 2017-11-28 09:12 (supersedes all previous editions)

Sandvik DL210 is a compact and flexible electro-hydraulic long-hole jumbo for production drilling in underground mines.

Designed for vertical and inclined plane rings and fans, Sandvik DL210 is capable of drilling 51 - 64 mm millimeters diameter holes up to 20 meters.

The robust, stable and dedicated long-hole drilling boom has 1.5 meters parallel drilling coverage, and offers accurate positioning and sturdy anchoring of the feed to ensure high quality drilling.

The compact jumbo layout is designed with a good visibility and good stability.

The operating environment and incorporated automatic actions allow the operator to concentrate on safe, fast and accurate drilling.

A portable remote control ensures all the feed and rock drill operations.

All the service points are well-protected but easy to access.