DD422iE Technical specification


Datasheet updated 2018-07-27 08:21 (supersedes all previous editions)

Sandvik DD422iE is an intelligent control system based mining jumbo with electric driveline system for underground development drilling and small scale tunneling. This electric driveline system replaces the diesel engine used for tramming producing zero emissions, reduced operating costs and increased drilling productivity via intelligent drilling power management system. Combined with the wide range of automatic drilling functions this drill rig will offer increased productivity, reduced costs and the top level of product safety and care for the environment for underground mining industry.

Sandvik DD422iE is equipped with onboard battery package and electric motor that provides mechanism to tram the unit without the diesel combustion engine. With the intelligent power management system patented by Sandvik the charging of the batteries can be done during normal drilling cycle to ensure maximum tramming energy available all the time. The same system can be used to draw additional electric power for drilling from the onboard battery pack increasing the drilling productivity without compromising the maximum peak power load taken from the mine electrics.