DD422i Technical specification


Datasheet updated 2021-03-30 09:28 (supersedes all previous editions)

Sandvik DD422i is an advanced control system based on the electro-hydraulic jumbo to provide top-level performance, accuracy and reliability for underground development drilling and small scale tunneling. The drill rig has the widest range of automatic drilling functions to give increased productivity with reduced costs, top-level product safety and access to the future of underground mining.

Sandvik DD422i is equipped with Sandvik Intelligent Control System Architecture (SICA) that is a well-proven and commonly used control system technology across a wide range of Sandvik drill rigs. This technology enables a wide range of functions for achieving maximized performance and precision in drilling. The drill rig has features for automatic drilling and boom movements. Also comprehensive drill planning, reporting and analyzing tools along with the drill rig will help to achieve high quality results in drilling and blasting precision. Intelligent torque optimised drilling control system will help to minimize the hole dilution during drilling, reduce jammings and maximize the tool life consistently.