DB331 Technical specification


Datasheet updated 2017-11-29 15:26 (supersedes all previous editions)

Sandvik DB331 is a Secondary Breaking Unit (SBU) for rock boulders reduction and ore facilitation under draw points, it is an autonomous drill based on self-contained diesel hydraulic carrier, with on-board water tank and large air compressor for air-mist flushing.

The robust telescopic boom offer a medium reach up to 8 m height, the double rotation actuators and compact feed offer easy positioning inside the draw point, and the high frequency rock drill enables fast drilling, short time exposure in confined space.

Drill and blast method is used to fragment the boulders. The explosive charging device is mounted on the charging head, and the explosive initiator and cartridges are provided by the explosive supplier.

The operator controls the drilling and tramming functions of DB331 remotely and safely with an ergonomic RRC panel and a remote video assistance.
The video system includes a remote monitor on tripod, a 3D-zoom camera and multiple wide angle cameras to enable the unit tele-operation from a safer location. The drill rig is designed for good visibility and stability, the powerful four-wheel-drive articulated carrier ensures fast and safe maneuvering in compact underground drifts.

All the service points are well protected but still easy to access.

Altogether Sandvik DB331 offers a safe operating process for effective ore facilitation tasks, the unit releases blockages in draw points thus enables a high production rate in large scale mining.

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