Powercarbide grades


Datasheet updated 2021-09-14 10:59 (supersedes all previous editions)

Sandvik was the first company in history to manufacture rock tools with cemented carbide. We are now very proud to gather our most powerful carbide grades under one name: PowerCarbide.

Our PowerCarbide consists of the grades DP55, DP65, GC80, SH70, XT49, XT90 and XT70, representing the very best materials technology we have to offer – regardless of drilling operation.

We have more R&D capacity for cemented carbide development than anyone else in the industry. Controlling the entire chain, all the way from our own tungsten mine to the production of drill bits, is a unique enabler for developing rock tools.

Our global carbide recycling system is exclusive for the industry and contributes to a sustainable future and the most advanced range of carbides allows us to supply our customers with the ideal solution, tailored to their conditions.