OC25-H Compressor oil Technical specification


Datasheet updated 2017-12-05 14:35 (supersedes all previous editions)

Compressed air has become a major form of energy and the reliable generation of compressed air is vital. Operators require compressors to function perfectly over and beyond entire service intervals.

Sandvik OC25-H series was developed to meet the increased requirements of compressor manufacturers on the service life of compressor oils. Due to the function of compressors, intensive swirling of the cooling oil and air occurs. At high compression temperatures, the oils are subjected to a strong oxidative attack that accelerates ageing. The selection of special synthetic base oils and additive systems makes long, interruption-free operation possible. To ensure optimum performance of the oil separator, the air release properties and low foaming are characteristic for screw and turbo compressor oils. Sandvik OC25-H offers long service life, and they fulfill the requirements mentioned above as well as the requirements according to DIN 51506 VDL.