OC10-C Compressor oil Technical specification


Datasheet updated 2017-12-05 14:35 (supersedes all previous editions)

The Sandvik OC10-C series was developed to meet the increased demands of sliding vane and screwtype compressors. Due to function, there is intensive turbulence of cooling oil and oxygen from the air. At final compression temperatures up to 110 °C, the oils are exposed to serious attack by oxidation, which accelerates aging. The selection of special oils of the MC synthesis and additives makes long-term operation free of malfunctions possible. For optimum function of the oil separator, air release capacity and low foaming tendency are characteristic of oils for screw-type compressors.

A high and shear stable viscosity index, as well as very good aging behaviour and the above mentioned requirements describe the performance capability of the Sandvik OC10-C series, which make extension of the service intervals possible.