Service agreements – what and why

When it comes to protecting and servicing your crushing and screening plant, it pays to be prepared. By looking ahead and anticipating your needs, you put yourself in control of your machinery, and avoid unplanned shutdowns and unexpected costs. Service agreements are the proactive way of addressing the needs of your equipment throughout its lifetime.

Sandvik offer a range of service agreements that cover the entire lifecycle of your plant machinery, all certified for the specific task. In doing so, we provide precisely the right level of support according to your priorities and goals. Regardless of which service agreement you choose, you will be supported by our expert engineers. They deliver safer operations, low operating costs and long service life, unlocking the full potential of your crushing plant. We’ve identified four key reasons why Sandvik’s service agreements are so indispensable.


Knowledge and Experience

With Sandvik’s service agreements, you are assured support from experts with dedicated knowledge and experience in Sandvik machinery. As original equipment manufacturers, our understanding of your machinery’s performance and potential is unmatched. Our deep knowledge of your equipment helps us identify safety issues, maximize productivity, and ensure low operating costs. Plus, with active presence in more than 150 countries, our experts understand the local implications of your operations and can respond quickly to your needs.


Established Optimization Procedures

Sandvik’s proven and globally established optimization procedures use thousands of applications as a benchmark to find you the most efficient solutions. Developed and refined over many years, these procedures help unlock the potential of your equipment, maximizing productivity immediately and throughout the life of your machinery.

Training and On-Site Support

Not only do Sandvik’s service agreements help make your operations safer and more productive, they can also help you to help yourself. Our customized training sessions are designed to get the best out of your team and your machinery, and the on-site support we provide helps develop a deeper understanding of your equipment.


Clear Guidance

All Sandvik service agreements provide clear, straightforward guidance on the condition of your equipment and its maintenance needs. This guidance helps you understand the benefits of taking action to address the issues and trends we identify, as well as explaining the potential consequences of inaction. By helping you understand your operation more completely and manage risk better, it helps deliver improved reliability, availability and productivity, and promotes lower operating costs.