Sandvik WX6500 screening media.

Why choose between accuracy and durability? Sandvik WX6500 screening media sizes just like wire mesh at 2–32 mm separations. But it offers everything a rubber media can, including 10 times the product life.

From easy installation to less blinding, pegging, and waste, Sandvik WX6500 provides benefits throughout its life cycle. So rethink what you know about fine screening. Because Sandvik WX6500 isn't like any media you know.

longer life

Fewer media changes, more screen productivity

Because it's made of durable rubber, Sandvik WX6500 lasts up to ten times as long as wire mesh. That gives you better media economy, with just a fraction of the media changes.

But the material is also thin and flexible, which means it resists blinding or pegging. So not only do you change it less, you spend less time inspecting and rescreening. Sandvik WX6500 gets you the end product you want—the first time through the screen.

the weight

Simpler handling, safer screening

Flexible and delivered as a roll, Sandvik WX6500 weighs only a third as much as wire mesh. It's as easy to work with as it is to move around site—with no lifting tools required.

In fact, Sandvik WX6500 is easier in many ways. It has no sharp edges, so there's nothing to catch, cut, or scratch. And on the screen, it relieves ears by producing 50% less noise in operation than wire mesh.

50% faster

Less screen downtime, less to consider

One truly surprising thing about Sandvik WX6500 is the ease of getting it on your screen. You change it far less often than wire mesh, and when you do, the change can be made in just half the time.

Better still, the length and width of your screen panel are all that's needed for a perfect fit. While Sandvik WX6500 has all the advantages of rubber screening media, it has none of the usual complexity.

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