Battery powered drill rigs Make the change

Today, mining companies and contractors around the world are aiming for more sustainable operations. Electrification is one of the key solutions enabling the transition to meet these highly challenging targets.


Sandvik highly automated drills are based on electric driveline technology, featuring the latest technology in drilling automation, data management and tele remote operations.

Our i-series automated battery-powered drills avoid spreading diesel emissions into the environment and help reducing thermal load and requirements for ventilation capacity underground.

Continuous, unmanned operations through shift changes and breaks, utilizing data up and downloads through wireless networks are delivering high levels of performance while ensuring safer operations.

Increased equipment utilization and productivity while reducing diesel emissions towards zero make the underground working environment safer for the teams in operation.


Sandvik DS412iE is a highly automated and productive, battery powered, bolter for underground mining operations and civil construction tunneling.This bolter is equipped with an electric driveline system including a battery package and electric motor for zero emissions while tramming.

Sandvik DL422iE is a fully automated, battery-powered top hammer longhole drill designed for underground mass mining in 4 x 4 m or larger production drifts. It is capable of drilling vertical and inclined fans and single or parallel Ø89-127 mm longholes up to 54 m in depth using ST58 and ST68 tube rods.

Sandvik DD422iE Development Drill Rig

Sandvik DD422iE is an electric mining jumbo designed to drive down production costs while reducing the environmental impacts of drilling and tunneling. Major benefits of this innovative electric drill rig include zero emissions during tramming and improved productivity. The drill rig's well-designed, structures and proven components ensure a reliable workplace for both operators and maintenance crews.

These rigs are equipped with an electric driveline system including a battery package and an electric motor for zero emissions and reduced operating costs.

Coupled with its smart battery charging system, Sandvik drills will help our customers to maximize utilization of their mine’s electrical infrastructure. The batteries can be charged during drilling, while electric power can be drawn from the system for supporting the electrical supply from the mine’s network. The battery even recharge while our rigs are tramming downhill, using energy generated by the braking system.

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