Thanks to their revolving counterweight superstructure, the new Ranger™ DXi series surface drill rigs feature a superior drilling coverage of 55 square meters. Compared to other drill rigs in the class, they enable up to 60 minutes more drilling per shift* - thus significantly reducing your production costs.

Filled with fresh intelligence features, the new Ranger™ DXi's are not only efficient but also comfortable to operate. Scroll down the page to take a bigger bite of the Rangers's characteristics!

Superiority, safe and sound

The Ranger™ DXi series rigs feature a cabin with extremely low noise level, onboard diagnostics, Circulating Shank Lubrication System, and even 120 less hoses than before – just to name a few of the novel, efficiency-boosting details. Together with the most powerful rock drill family – Sandvik RD920 series – the new Rangers will make lucrative drilling as safe and as comfortable as it can be.

Ranger™ dxi rigs deliver superior coverage of 290 degrees, equaling 55m2

Technical specifications

Ranger DX800i Ranger DX900i
Hole diameter 64-127*mm (3"-5") 89-140**mm (3 1/2"- 5 1/2")​
Sandvik Rock drill ​RD925M, RD925M-C, RD921S, RD921S-C ​RD927L, RD927L-C
Percussion output power ​25kW, 21kW, 33.5hp, 28hp ​27kW, 36hp
Rock tools 38mm, 45mm and 51mm (11/2", 1 1/2" and 2") 51mm and 60mm (2" and 2 3/8")
Drilling coverage 55 m2 (592ft2) ​​55 m2 (592ft2)
​Engine type Volvo TAD851VE T3/Volvo TAD871 VE T4 / Volvo TAD881VE Stage V TAD852VE T3 / Volvo TAD872VE T4 / Volvo TAD882VE Stage V
Engine output ​185kW, 248hp ​210kW, 282hp
Cabine type iCab iCab
​Control system type ​Sandvik SICA, PLC controlled, proportional electrohydraulic ​Sandvik SICA, PLC controlled, proportional electrohydraulic
Tramming/boom/drilling control PLC controlled PLC controlled
Flushing air 8.5 m3/min, up to 10 bar, 300 cfm 9.5m3/min, up to 10 bar, 335 cfm
Total weight 19,600kg, 43,210 lb 19,600 kg, 43,210 lb
​*Please contact your Sandvik representative for hole needs larger then 115 millimeters ​​*'Please contact your Sandvik representative for hole needs larger then 127 millimeters

* Test results are to be considered as results reached under certain and controlled test conditions. These test results should not be treated as specifications and Sandvik does not guarantee, warrant or represent the outcome of test results in any or all circumstances.