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In underground drilling, speed is a key factor. If you can maximize your efficiency, you can minimize costs. With our Sandvik i-series, you can equip your operation with the machine that is fastest to drill. Through increased efficiency and accuracy, our i-series rigs can help you reach your targets quicker, as well as improve hole quality. Time is money, and with our i-series, you can save both. (Tunnel advance rate of up to 1,000 meters/month*)

Engineered for the future

Our i-series drills are equipped with Sandvik Intelligent Control System Architecture (SICA) providing a wide range of functions for maximizing performance and precision in drilling.

These rigs have features for fully-automated face drilling, optimized penetration, boom control systems and comprehensive tools for drill planning, reporting and analysis.

Controlled excellence

The latest control systems increase both the speed and accuracy of boom movements, giving you better hole quality. The booms automatically adjust to the many varying parameters, ensuring optimal positioning in any conditions.

During drilling, the torque-based control significantly reduces jamming, maximizing uptime and productivity. This reduces hole deviation, while the increased accuracy enables better blasting results, with up to an 8% reduction in over-break*. This also increases the service life of your tools, meaning a better return on investment.

8% reduction in over-break

Intuitive optimization with iSure

Sandvik iSure is an advanced excavation management tool, which allows you to create, visualize and optimize drilling and blasting patterns which can then be uploaded to your drilling rigs.

This efficient software allows for specific drill plans to be implemented to fit any profile, meaning hole spacing is adjusted accordingly. This leads to optimized blasting, better pull-out, decreased need for scaling, improved rock loadability and smoother face profiles.

The software is easy to use, but has a comprehensive set of tools allowing you to create plans for any drilling and blasting tasks. You can then analyze the work being carried out, which means you can use this information to further optimize your processes through continuous control of productivity and quality.

Sandvik isure in mine

Increasing productivity through automation

Sandvik’s i-series has 4 different levels of automation, so you can choose the rig that best suits your specific needs.

The advanced automation allows for continuous drilling operations, even throughout shift changes. This means that your productivity can increase significantly, allowing you to get the most out of your unit even when the operators aren’t available.

With the i-series, you can hit your targets with speed and precision every time.

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