Eclipse - Fire suppression beyond limits

From diesel fuels to hydraulic fluids, heavy equipment depends on flammable liquids to keep moving. Whatever your business, the ability to effectively sup-press fire is vital.

Eclipse is a crucial component of your safety management system. Companies across the globe rely on Eclipse to protect people, investments and equipment.

Compared to traditional dry powder systems, Eclipse is up to 30 percent more effective on super-heated surfaces. Our Sandvik system is equipped with liquid agents to attack all the elements a fire needs to ignite – heat, fuel and oxygen. Automatic activation is a standard feature and the rapid cooling effect blocks the risk of re-ignition.

The system is very efficient to service and maintain and can be installed on new or existing equipment – regardless of size or brand. Eclipse is a smart way to reduce the risk of injuries, production loss, costly repairs and replacements.

Sandvik has been at the forefront of the mining and rock excavation industries for decades. We are leaders in developing equipment, tools, services and solutions that help you excavate, transport and process rock – safely and productively. Partner with a world leader

Eclipse - the benefits


Modular design. Can easily be installed on mobile equipment in a wide range of industries including mining, construction, transport, marine, forestry and agriculture.


Suppresses fire instantly. Attacks all three aspects of the fire triangle. Prevents re-ignition


Patented loss-of-pressure system with fail-safe design. Innovative head assembly with no moving parts. Corrosion-resistant components.

Fire suppression, wherever you operate

Eclipse is engineered to suppress hydrocarbon fuel and oil fires in demanding environments. Our system is climate-independent and works in temperatures between -40°C and +60°C.

Our liquid-based system cuts off the oxygen supply and acts as a vapor seal over the fuel. It also cools the area to provide post-fire security.

We offer two different liquids:

​Eclipse Sustain - when you are above freezing point

The world's first mobile equipment fluorine-free fire suppression liquid is designed to suppress fires in temperatures from 0°C to +60°C. It's less harmful for the environment and safer for those handling it.

Eclipse Extreme - for all temperatures

When you operate in a subzero environment – or even when you need to move your equipment from project to project – Eclipse Extreme is your best choice. Our superior liquid is engineered to suppress fires in tough environments, regardless of climate.

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