Commando™ DC300Ri Where next?

Mobility, agility and outstanding productivity - these words encapsulate the main benefits you get by choosing the new Commando™ DC300Ri surface top hammer drill rig. Designed for true versatility, the rig suits various different construction applications and is therefore ideal for drill and blast contractors.


The new Commando™ DC300Ri is a modern fully radio remote-controlled, rubber tired surface top hammer drill rig with a vast hole size range (from 38 to 64 mm / 1½ - 2½ in.) using R28, R32 and T35 MF-rods. The rig is equipped with four wheel drive motors and oscillation, which guarantees excellent mobility and stability in difficult terrain. Together with a new boom structure and a reliable HL300 rock drill the new rig offers high productivity and low operating costs in challenging environments. All this makes the Commando™ DC300Ri a multipurpose drill rig for a construction contractor.

Ultimate agility, stability and drilling quality

Excellent mobility and stability

The drilling unit is extremely mobile and agile thanks to its rubber tires, four powerful tramming motors and ±10 degree oscillation. The motors give maximum speed with fast tramming mode and more power when tramming in slow motion.


Ensuring high performance and extended steel life. Commando™ DC300Ri features the most advanced iTorque drilling control system available in its size class. It's intelligent compressor control system and StageV engine contribute to excellent fuel efficiency.


As other Sandvik next generation drill rigs, the Commando™ DC300Ri's modular design ensures high uptime with easily accessible service points. on-board diagnostics and easy transportation: being only 2.85 meters in height allows it to be moved from site to site on a small truck or even a trailer.

Top productivity in various application

The rig features a completely new boom structure with ±5 degrees larger boom swing and additional 10 centimeters in boom reach. These translate into 20 percent larger coverage area (compared to earlier models) equaling 12m² - perfect for various different civil construction works, such as road and railroad job sites, trenching, channeling and different foundation works. The optional hydraulic roll-over makes the unit fit also for dimensional stone drilling, tunneling and secondary breaking.

±5 degrees larger boom swing

+10 centimeters longer boom reach

=+20% larger coverage area

Technical specifications

Commando™ DC300Ri
Recommended hole diameter 38 - 64mm (1½ - 2½ in.)
Drill rod diameter R28, R32 or T35 MF-rods
Hydraulic rock drill HL300, 9 kW
Engine CAT C3.6, 74,4 kW (99,7 hp) / 2 200rpm
Tier3 / Tier4F / Stage5
Flushing air capacity 3 m³/min, up to 8 bar
Transport length 5.7 m (18.7 ft)
Transport width 2.35 m (7.7 ft)
Transport height 2.85 m (9.4 ft)
Weight 6 100 kg (13 448 lbs) (dry weight)

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