SHARK™ takes the first bite

Loaders and buckets are in a key role in improving the overall productivity of mining. In order to increase uptime and reduce the need for time-consuming repairs, the ‘arch-enemy’ of buckets – abrasion – needs to be tackled. And that’s exactly the job our SHARKTM Ground Engaging Tools are designed for.

Our SHARKTM Ground Engaging Tools, familiarly known as G.E.T., can extend bucket lifetime up to three times compared to standard bare lip buckets. In addition, installing SHARKTM G.E.T. solutions – such as cast corners, lip shrouds and heel shrouds – will lead to significant savings.

– According to our tests and calculations, our customers can save up to 45 percent in bucket maintenance costs and cut down maintenance times by 90 percent using a customized Shark™ wear package, says Alberto Martinez, Product Line Manager, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.

– The use of G.E.T. will also contribute to prolonging the lifetime of the drive train, as G.E.T. will improve the penetration and loading capabilities of the bucket.

SHARKTM Ground Engaging tools are designed to fit any OEM bucket – not just Sandvik’s underground loaders’.

– Our Ground Engaging Tools can be attached to buckets mechanically or by welding, depending on the needs of each customer. We have over 800 different layout drawings available for different machines, so fitting will not be a problem, says Martinez.

Significant savings, extended bucket life

To get a better look on what kind of benefits the SHARKTM Ground Engaging Tools can provide, we visited two large scale mines where G.E.T. solutions have been taken into use.

One of the Largest Zinc Mines in the world, Rampura Agucha Mine of Hindustan Zinc Limited, produces almost 3.9 megatons of ore per year. The lip plates of their 13 loaders were wearing out quickly, often cracking due to hard rock and difficult conditions. Also, the bucket fill factor was ineffective, and the loaders had to exert extra forces to get the desired fill factor. Together with Sandvik, they carried out a case study to improve bucket life enhancement and improve fill factor with reduced efforts.

– We needed to find out a way to get best out of our equipment. Studies indicated that our buckets were subject to excessive wear and required complete refurbishment after 800 operating hours, B. Shriharilal, General Manager (mech), Hindustan Zinc describes.

– Thanks to cast corner and heel shroud installations, topped up with periodic maintenance and monitoring, our bucket life has tripled to 2 400 hours, and we have saved over 100 000 USD, he concludes.